How to Access Strains and Associated Resources at NPDC

Access to the strains and associated resources at NPDC and Opportunities for Collaboration

Please contact Dr. Ben Shen for all inquiries.

Fermentation Facility for Microbial Natural Products: 

The fermentation facility at NPDC provides microbial fermentation optimization, scale up fermentation, and pilot-scale secondary metabolites production, extraction, isolation, and purification.  The facility is equipped with 9 New Brunswick refrigerated incubators/shakers; 4r BioFlo 115 Benchtop Fermentor/Bioreactor (14-L vessels), 1 BioFlo 510 Culture System (a 40-L vessel), 6 HPLC analytic and preparative units with PDA detectors, autosamplers, and fraction collectors, 1 Biotage Isolera One, 1 Buchi Dual Pump MPLC preparative units, and assortments of pilot-scale centrifugation, rotavap, and other processing and chromatography accessories.  Please contact Dr. Ben Shen for collaborative opportunities to access the fermentation facility for fermentation and production of microbial natural products as end products or intermediates for biotechnological, medicinal, and synthetic applications. 

Chemistry natural products